Butea Superba Benefits & Information

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Butea Superba Benefits & Information

โพสต์โดย webpost89 » 27 พ.ค. 2018, 09:06


Our Butea Superba Extract is high in quality. This extract contains high amount of flavonoid and flavonoid glycoside which help stimulate the testosterone production. Abel Herb Products’ Butea Superba is cultivated under high standard quality control with proper environment. Specialized technology, scientific testing and developed cultivation are used to ensure the best quality of this raw material. We always test every lot of Butea Superba before extracted into raw material form. Therefore, you can be sure that the Butea Superba Extract you gain is the top grade raw material with high active compounds.

Benefits of Butea Superba:

Some more Butea Superba benefits include healthy heart and bone density. Because Butea Superba contains high number of flavonoids which can access cardiovascular system for balancing the cholesterol and hormone levels, the herb is considered the assistance to combat heart problems. Also, bone can be weak or lose density with age. Some men may even experience osteoporosis. Butea Superba benefits to the bone by escalating the density and promoting bone strength with the function of enriched phytonutrients.

Butea Superba Dosage:

When talking about Butea Superba dosage, there are many suggestions available which can range from 100 – 1,000 mg per day. Some sources suggest taking the dosage that is relevant to the weight: 10mg/kg. For example, a man who weighs 70 kg should take 700 mg/day. This is another way to take Butea Superba Powder safely. However, those men who weigh over 100 kg should not intake over 1,000 mg/day.

Research on Butea Superba Extract:

The most interesting one in human is the Butea Superba research towards human health which was published in the Asian Journal of Andrology in 2003 by the Thai researchers. It was carried out in volunteers aged 30 to 70 with erectile dysfunction. As Butea Superba has been used for centuries by locals for its aphrodisiac properties, it’s not surprised that the result of the study showed the same effect. Butea Superba research that the herb can be reliable for sexual enhancing. This data can be referred for further study and manufacturing into final products for those with ED or other sexual problems.

Side Effects of Butea Superba:

Butea Superba provides numerous benefits, however people are also curious if Butea Superba side effects exist. After all, the Butea Superba side effects are little known. There are actually no significant side effects in humans, but just some mild conditions that can fade away such as red face which can happen when the blood is circulated due to the body receiving high dose of Butea Superba. However, those who are new or allergic to the herb or young males may find Butea Superba side effects as a mild heart palpitation. So it’s important to take at lower dose first and consult the healthcare practitioner before taking any new product, especially when taking with any medications.

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